LYRICS: Abraham Friday – ARISE (Hail The Land Akwa Ibom)

Abraham Friday – ARISE (Hail The Land Akwa Ibom)

Abraham Friday ARISE Hail The Land Akwa Ibom Lyrics Download

Abraham Friday ARISE Lyrics Download Gospel Music. Enrich your soul with the Lyrics of this latest Gospel music representation by Abraham Friday captioned ARISE (Hail The Land Akwa Ibom).

Lyrics: ARISE (Hail The Land Akwa Ibom)

Verse 1
Hail the our glory, greatness, beauty and wealth
Hail the land of gods promise, blessings, prosperity
May God bless Akwa Ibom and preserve our heritage
Give us the wisdom, the strength, and the power
To build out Akwa Ibom in line with her dreams
To lead our great nations above limitations
Attract other nations into akwa ibom.

Verse 2
Hail the land full of glory greatness, beauty and wealth
A land that is full of potentials, blessings, prosperity
Akwa Ibom is our pride, let’s defend our heritage
The dreams of our fathers, the faith of leaders to name out Akwa Ibom to Almighty God
Has made us outstanding in cultural diversities for tourist and strangers across the nation

Oh, Arise to greatness, and raise up your emblem as sons and our daughters, uphold Alwa Ibom
The mission is accomplished, the vision is fulfilled, the promise now fulfilling, the land is fruitful